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Aoki flower

Aoki flower

A.   Professional photography _________________________________

1.   Using a professional grade digital camera throughout more than 60

2.   Get a piece of digital film computer discs, containing 12 Jane photograph negatives

3.   Select number 12 and zoom into a photo album made (containing the following products in total)

B.   Shooting day honor service __________________________________

1.   Full service private photographers shoot.

2.   Private makeup stylist services.

3.   Offers all the cosmetics and jewelry items

4.   Shooting all three sets of clothing, provide clothing two optional (free VIP), comes with a set of

5.   Shot three times a day delicate make-up styling

6.   A full set of professional makeup products, and gift photography special eyes lashes in a group.

7.   Indoor solid background + indoor theme background and the 3D virtual (optional)

C.   Classic ________________________ enlargements and exclusive photo frame

1. 20 inch digital photograph site

D. 相册制作_______________________________________

1. 8 inch Feeney Fini fashion album a 16 pages all in one seamless digital design

2. Finishing 12 pieces into book free 8P design layout

3. Provide list of sample service

E.  珍贵宝贝___________________________________

1. &Nbsp;10-inch Evergreen Crystal table 1 "photographs"

2.   Elegant wallet photos 2

F. 附属服务_______________________________________

intensive + 1.  free amplifier design layout

2.   Free product lifetime warranty, so you worry-free quality of life

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