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Aoki leaning languages

Aoki leaning languages

A.   Professional photography _________________________________

1.   Uses professional grade SLR digital camera throughout more than 160

2.   Get a piece of digital film computer discs containing Jane repaired more than 160 film negatives

B.   Shooting day honor service __________________________________

1.   Photographer full service day of filming

2.   Chief makeup stylist full service day

3.   Exclusive new service

4.   Shooting day optional luxury wedding dresses bride 5

5.   Filmed exquisite bride make-up styling that day five

6.   A full set of professional makeup boutique and complimentary makeup private eyes lashes

7.   Day gentleman dress and groom taken five sets, the groom makeup five times as a whole

8.   Indoor solid background + indoor theme live-action and 3D virtual (VIP optional)

9.   Like pick of Changsha city locations, offers new lunch

C.   Classic _________________________ enlargements and exclusive photo frame

1. 48X24 inch digital heat-mounted photo enlarged a picture

2. Exclusive HERMES love Ma Shidan yuppies carving with 60-inch photo frame a picture

3. Intensive 36 inch digital photograph site

4. Exclusive Mona Lisa with 36-inch photo frame a picture of the Mona Lisa

5. Intensive 24-inch digital photograph site

6. Exclusive Cartier Cartier collection with 24-inch photo frame a picture

7. Huge news digital movie poster a picture 60 inch

8. 12-inch Fendi Fendi ice site

9. 10-inch Fendi Fendi ice site

10. 8 inch Karina Karina picture

11. Two crystal love Keychain

12. Delicate purses as two

D. 相册制作_______________________________________

1. 18 inch Piaget Piaget amber album a book (20 pages), all in one seamless digital design

2. 16 inch Piaget Piaget amber album a book (20 pages), all in one seamless digital design

3. Finishing 38 list (zoom selected), giving all design layout, layout design services provided prior to making the finished product

E. 结婚服务_______________________________________

1. free product lifetime warranty, so you worry-free quality of life

2. get a piece of wedding day free rental of wedding

3. the gift on their wedding day bridal pastel free Liangzhuang (eyelashes)

4. offer a wedding day free rental news digital cinema news poster x banner

Note: online order bonus 28 photo teaser invitations

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