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Aoki go

Aoki go

A.   Professional photography _________________________________

1.   Uses professional grade SLR digital camera all over 140

2.   Get a piece of digital film computer discs, containing more than 140 film negatives sent

B.   Shooting day honor service __________________________________

1.   Veteran photographer full service day of filming

2.   Senior makeup stylist full service day

3.   Exclusive new service

4.   Shooting day optional luxury wedding dresses bride 5

5.   Shooting day exquisite bride make-up styling 5

6.   A full set of professional makeup boutique and complimentary makeup private eyes lashes

7.   Shooting day gentleman dress and groom, 5 sets of bride overall shape 5 times

8.   Indoor solid background + indoor theme live-action and 3D virtual (VIP optional)

9.   Like city of Changsha travel locations, providing new lunch

C.   Classic _________________________ enlargements and exclusive photo frame

1. 48X24 inch digital heat-mounted photo enlarged a picture

2. Equipped with 52 inch exclusive Elizabeth Elizabeth frame a picture

3. Intensive 30-inch digital photograph site

4. Exclusive Mona Lisa with 30-inch photo frame a picture of the Mona Lisa

5. Intensive 24-inch digital photograph site

6. Exclusive Cartier Cartier collection with 24-inch photo frame a picture

7. Huge news digital movie poster a picture 60 inch

8. 10-inch Fendi Fendi ice site

9. 10 inch Karina Karina a picture

10. 8 inch Karina Karina picture

11.   Elegant wallet photo two

D. 相册制作_______________________________________

1. 16 inch Piaget Piaget amber (18 pages), all in one seamless digital design

2. 12 inch amber a Piaget Piaget (18 pages), all in one seamless digital design

3. Giving all design layout, layout design services provided prior to making the finished product

E. 结婚服务_______________________________________

1. free product lifetime warranty, so you worry-free quality of life

2. get a piece of wedding day free rental of wedding

3. the gift on their wedding day bridal pastel free Liangzhuang (eyelashes)

4. offer a wedding day free rental news digital cinema news poster x banner

Note: online order bonus 28 photo teaser invitations

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