Wedding lingerie match programme
&Nbsp;     is a very important thing for married women, who want to perfect on this day, put on a beautiful white gown to accept the people's wishes. Wear the wedding dress or gown, is really not difficult to be as beautiful as a goddess, the key is to choose the right lingerie, to highlight your curves.  

     combined with simple personal stomacher appearances first strapless functional underwear, of course. It features is full Cup size waist, abdomen feature shows the smooth curve of the bride. However, remind the bride, wedding day because this dress features, action must be careful to avoid wedding dresses fall, Happy Together, Oh!

         strapless BRA, huanjian multi functional body sculpting underwear is the best partner for this dress, top, strapless bodice and a skirt and flattering slim-down underwear match with this amazing effect.

        V neck wedding dress your waist and abdomen from the Visual to enhance the elegance of the bride, a wedding dress is very slim. Matching v-neck dress can choose breast augmentation with excellent results, 3/4 cup cleavage micro-gel BRA, it can concentrate the armpits, back, abdominal fat parcel in the chest, mentioned on the beam pants leg fat hip to adjust the fit.

and the v-neck dress-perfect blend of body-shaping underwear chest bust pay attention to supporting design, 3/4 cup-style functionality using the low point of Cup shapes, and a steel plate, graceful against the bride.

         deep v neck dress, "temptation", perhaps many women dare not try to, it is not the "breasts-level" patents, if lingerie match, can wear out this fascinating effects. Should choose to match with the underwear of the highly modified, gaskets, wire Bras, for example, can make the breasts look fuller.

     the same 3/4 features underwear can make charming bride show cleavage, but also suitable for other front dress a more open, as well as the high waist design wedding dresses and cheongsam with Oriental temperament.

         backless evening dress bridal show bridal fashion trend selection, matching strapless or novel invisible underwear you want other highlights the exquisite figure of the bride. But show us back at the same time, slim to the waist, stomach, in order to better display.

      Halter wedding dresses for the bride's very tall, so only chest support + waist + bunch of pants = 3-in-1 combination, is the beauty of blooms you can make the wedding day.

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