Pick your blush to create the bride good color
&Nbsp;    arranged a wedding is likely to make brides look bad, to choose a right blush can make the bride's face adds a touch of bright colors. Simple step blush, interpretation of brides good color. Make makeup look more delicate and charming, and joy filled.

(1) natural light

as if from the inside through the natural glow, are pursuing "zero sense of makeup" bride's pursuit of the highest level, drawing the lifting up of plagioclase-Rouge, can make you look younger and full of vitality. Suffused with natural gloss soft pink cream blush, stereo profile can increase not only the face, can make good inside naturally floated out from the skin.

Eye makeup match: to keep the makeup natural and fresh, eye makeup requires light and delicate, fine, thick eyeliner and mascara, fresh, lovely enough to make eyes.

lip makeup match: moisturize the pale pink lipstick paired with soft powder blush, smooth healthy aerobic colors can be shown.

(2) the pretty pink

soft powder blush like a peach, especially white and flawless skin. Soft pink blush on the cheeks bulge, risorius, blush brush in a circular manner, expanding the area of Polish, showing makeup of sweet, let the bride into a sweet Princess.

Eye makeup match: with a little pink eye shadow to outline the eye contour, makes the eyes look rich icing.

lip makeup match: Candy-colored sheer lip gloss can reflect the lips soft and moist, but also highlight the sweet taste of the pink.

(3) the neon color

elegant of Pearl sense Gill red not only can let face more has icing, from Visual Shang also can up to tightened skin, and modified face of role, wants to pursuit bright moving of glamorous makeup effect, Gill red of location best from Temple, and laugh muscle, and ear below three o'clock began building, to fan type Pu sweep of way from cheek side to cheeks Central paint, such can let color fell in cheek side of location, reached modified face of purpose.

Eye makeup match: Pearl light eye shadow to increase the eye charm you, highlight the eyes in the near future.

lip makeup match: pink lipstick highlight full pouty lips, overall makeup looks sexy.

(4) energy-Orange

kumquat with metallic color blush can create a bride apart of young, vibrant and healthy against the more bright vivid colors, noble and warm metallic, seemed to make the bride's face coated with a layer of the warm glow of the Sun, the skin looks healthier and lustrous.

Eye makeup match: a metallic light brown or dark orange eye shadow make eyes more depth there is a God.

lip makeup match: containing metallic lipstick to make lips look plump and full, and can increase the gorgeous makeup.

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