Brides love fluorescent pink bridal makeup
Many brides makeup, fluorescent pink makeup is all the bride loved bright colors bright, pink eyes and lips makes the overall makeup of charming effect, if you prefer a mix of couples, you can also try blue-green mix, the fruit-colored bridal makeup, fair-skinned brides best try.

         first   first coated with Milky fluorescent pink eyeshadow eye folds. Fluorescent color application object: a white skin people.   Not applicable objects: eyes swollen members.

step   powder eyeshadow to sweep in the same position again. Same color different textures of eye makeup last longer.

step   brow brush with white eye shadow. This will brighten the eyes, eye of God.

the fourth step   fluorescent pink lipstick on lips.

Note: the creamy texture of the eye shadow will slowly dry, painted eyes, don't open your eyes, so as not to smudge the eyelids.

fifth step   after the draw with Brown eyeliner eyeliner under 2/3, you can make eyes more vibrant vitality.

use recommendations:

1.  fluorescent color is bright, it is recommended that should use a matte Foundation, so as not to overshadow its distinct effect.

2.  is not appropriate for use with a shimmer eye shadow, blush, and lip gloss.

3.  using fluorescent colors, every time we take the weight enough, to make the color more outstanding.

4.  in addition, the alternatives of the same color lipstick in place of cream eye shadow, equally distinctive and lasting.

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