Prevents you from changing the beauty of exclusion in a matching color
&Nbsp;        there is a dress, it will be the image that you tried to dress up go up in smoke. "Laughed at" your efforts to sell your images, which is preventing a beautiful air-exclusion chromatography.

        you think the color is not serious, that "absolutely beautiful" colors, which may hide not suited to your color.

         When you move in "beautiful" brains when you dress up, perhaps because they do not know what is the right color for you and totally lost.

so, what color is right for you? What color suits you? Let us try to analyze

(1) manufacturing of unhealthy face rose lipstick

observe your female friends, found that more than half of women using a rosy lipstick. Indeed, the rose-colored lipstick is beautiful, sexy, passionate, personality ... Everyone wants close contact with it, but damn is that if it does not fit your complexion, it suddenly becomes a tawdry, terrible color, and relatively strong negative!

in fact, the biggest question is whether rose lipstick and skin color match. Rose-emphasizes skin yellow. If warm skin with rosy lipstick on, yellow pigment in the skin will be further stressed, lipstick was exceptionally harsh.

visible, although very attractive color, warm skin but it is difficult to make good use of it, this is the true face of the rose.

(2) the background looked like a makeup powder

"your skin is so good," this woman is a great compliment to enrich your ecstatic; Conversely, if someone says, "you look a little thick", it indicates that your makeup has failed, you need to rethink.

If you are not thick but it was said to be heavy, it becomes a tragedy. This shows your face makeup not only makes people feel sultry may also look dirty and unhealthy. Makeup makes you look older than it actually is, character may also be less cheerful.

makeup not only to work with colleagues leave a bad impression, it's not easy to make friends, is simply "cocoon", invisible damage their relationship.

look makeup because your powder color than his skin white, red or dark. Also, this Foundation makes you seem to put a thick layer of powder, skin rough, bleak. If this is the case, then makeup or what? "A white cover the multitude of sins" is already a thing of the past, cosmetic common sense now is to keep your skin color.

good skin not only gives a soft and elegant feel, can give the impression of a healthy, natural. To make yourself look more natural and vivid color, then there is the secret of a successful selection of Foundation, that is, pick a consistent with their color almost powder color.

(3) why is it that sometimes black shoes too harsh?

everyone has a pair of black shoes. Attention! This pair of shoes that'll make you look old "Earth", in particular has been considered "black shoes can be worn with any color of clothes" who must pay attention, this perhaps is the reason why you failed in living color!

Why do I say that? Is it a bit alarmist? Fact is that "black is the color of a very strong and heavy." If black shoes to go with pink or lavender and light pastel clothing, pink to purple flowers to create a soft, elegant atmosphere will be completely destroyed. Black shoes will "sweep" of Pastel-colored clothing "XING".

pure, deep color such as black or dark blue, and red colors bright, contrast, color combinations, black shoes, and it's very fashionable, this mix is best.

even though a lot of people think that the shoes seem to be not a noteworthy part of the dress, but it was actually dressing up the basic starting point. In particular, black shoes, if you do not consider clothing color combination, it is likely to undermine the overall proportion of balance, at the foot of "alien" will be very harsh.

(4) can black really thin?

Black with the convergence effect, look slim, from a certain point of view is the fact that. But don't forget, black will also give people a sense of heaviness.

you can go to the luggage counter a try. With a luggage, bright light and dark colors will appear. This is expressed by the color of a role, it will affect our psychology.

most people choose a slim black dress, this is actually very ill-advised, it would make them appear darker, and might even make people feel "is very important"! Not only slim, also may be in the opposite of "at risk".

If you are tall or fat, through black clothes will make people feel more heavy, smothering.

"because we wanted to feel slimmer, and so black", this is totally negative thoughts and the results are much worse than expected. With a dark dress, rather than use their own style and personality, challenge, light colour, makeover, it only makes you look more clear full, beautiful!

(5) the preferred dress not nice

would like to know whether a man will dress, you can see her lipstick color. If the color of clothing and makeup "fight", she never was a smart woman.

However, the two "fight" colours but particularly many people together. Especially in winter, wearing a brown coat, painted a rosy lipstick everywhere.

take a piece of brown paper and a rose-colored paper together, may fail to see the attractive! So why would bet on myself without it? The reason is very simple, because this is my "favorite color". I like the color of the clothes, so that shade of lipstick, the color of eye shadow-I only think of their own preferences.

color, hardly can be used alone, so if confined to their own "like" without considering the overall mix of relationships, the last dress is likely to be in a messy state.

rose coat of lipstick colors that work best for the blue series (of course there is no colour! )。 Because the rose which contains blue. Instead, Brown coats to match a little taste Orange lipstick, because they share the yellow.

dress up, feel-good will be strictly differentiated using his "favorite color" and "fit." If it will destroy the whole makeup effects, regardless of how much "like" and will not use, this is one beautiful secrets.

If you feel you can't judge objectively, may wish to listen to the views of colleagues or friends, as long as you are sincere, they do not fit your "preference" for you.

(6) the "gold" or "Silver"?

anyone know the color gems like rubies, Lan Baogu, Turkey green jade, gold and silver jewelry? In fact, a color is gold and silverware, respectively, they also have to match colors in dress cannot be overlooked.

first with colour matching, do you have a similar experience: "I don't seem to fit silver? "For people who wear silver or Platinum jewelry, skin is generally cold colors, someone with this type of gold ornaments, the skin is not clear, and the gold itself doesn't look gorgeous, slightly tacky feel. Conversely, for people who wear gold skin to warm, if you use a silver or Platinum jewelry, and his face would look very ugly, and noble Platinum also seemed to fade, cheap.

silver, blue or purple color of jewelry suited to give an impression cool clothes, the color of clothes will make silver or Platinum bright, sharp and vivid. Conversely, gold ornaments and warm colors such as mustard yellow, moss green will complement each other, golden light will be more noticeable.

ornaments are not only decorations, it also plays another important role, and that is make it more in line with their own style, more beautiful, as are dishes taste the same. So, please do not ignore the color of accessories.

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