Collocation of four seasons wedding photos
&Nbsp;      seasons, because of its climate, temperature, environmental effects of hue, wedding photos have different considerations, particularly in the wedding colors are most important. People can be divided into:-spring, summer, autumn, winter-type the four major categories, different classes have different skin color, hair color, color of the pupil.   Attention to color shades of choice, to take fully into account the following factors:  1, color coordination: dress color scheme to spirit of superior dress rather than dress grab, over the new light. &Nbsp;2, nature and beautiful: warm clothes to wear a more coordinated, but note that it does give a new style. &Nbsp;3, high contrast: color brightness varies, some suitable for high contrast, and some low contrast is even more soft co-ordination.

four seasons spring type color table: :

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beautiful bright softer   colour: coral, peach, beige, lemon, green, mint, and Turkey, such as blue, light blue, ivory.  -Summer:

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Li Ming yan Qingli Johor   color: pink and purple, water, cocoa, ice blue pink, precious stones, jade green, mint green, blue, rose, and so on.  -Fall:

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mild gorgeous soft Li   color: Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant beans, pumpkins, red, leaf green, red yarn color, yellow, Orange, lime, olive, gold, cream and white.  -Winter:

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bright bright bright   color: Royal Blue, Royal purple, pink, bright pink, ice blue, soft white, pure white, dark wine red, red violet, and so on.

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