Seven guidelines for wedding shoes perfect feet
&Nbsp;        said a woman ever little thing that's shoes in the closet, not to mention the bride's wedding shoes. About to pull a beloved other half wedding shoes to the other side of happiness, but exactly how to choose wedding shoes to let new people into marriage halls. Share brings new people here take a look at the wedding tips.

buy wedding shoes "seven" principles

1, not too high

regardless of what kind of heel height should not be too high, at 3-5 cm, comfortable and does not affect the appearance, and utilization after the marriage is quite high, even in everyday life can enhance its appearance rate.

2, can not be mediocre

embroidery, sequins, flowers, leather brides choose wedding shoes is the element content should be considered to avoid monotony and negligence of style, the wedding fashion.

3, can not be grey

in color except Red, purple, silver, outer, you should avoid some relatively dark color, such as black, grey, Chinese wedding traditions, wedding black is a big taboo.

4, no help, no wedding shoes should be avoided

on location in order to facilitate the bride and wedding events, the best choice for help or uppers with lace wedding shoes, avoid embarrassment in the wedding.

5, not from top to bottom, is complex or simple

that is, the coordination of wedding dresses and wedding shoes match. If the wedding dress is red tape lace, and then choose wedding shoes should be simple-living, if your wedding dress is simple, then at the wedding shoes can give enough, beautiful one.

6, can't buy "idle"

Chinese wedding customs is, wedding day new people from the inside out, from top to bottom, everything had to be new, just symbols of beauty and happiness. But brides-to-be in new shoes will be bought back after the wedding shoes should not be shelved, waiting to try out for the wedding dress, wedding shoes and went home, the bride can be appropriate to try at home, so as not to have to wear in the wedding day discomfort.

7, you cannot select excellent materials

Choose wedding shoes in addition to choose styles and colors, material of the shoe is also very important. Best choice of leather or Sheepskin wedding shoes, shoes of this material will pass through comfortably. If you choose strong materials, comfortable for feet, can't be graceful wedding day you stand up in front of everyone.

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