Color brides nude makeup in the summer's most popular
&Nbsp;    are no longer popular heavy Foundation makeup, nude makeup is several years of fashion trends, relaxed attitude is what every bride to be pursued.

     nude makeup face

     called without makeup you need to redefine, not many nude skin, is BB cream, is color lotion not powder at the end of time, or defective parts to use concealer around the eye or face and put on some sunscreen and cosmetic skin BB cream. On women without makeup and never be too honest.

     Detox danger

     want to show sexy body, try Hollywood's most popular liquid Detox meal. KateMoss three meals a day after drinking tea with honey; GwynethPaltrow sooner or later to eat only organic vegetable soup; JenniferAniston is back to infancy, put all the food into the mud, divided into 14 smaller eating. In the summer of poor appetite, is also a good time to lose weight.

     stealth makeup

     invisible fragrance, more attractive than physical makeup. You can feel every day choose a different flavor of a single fragrance perfume; series or put on some perfume body lotion, aroma with temperature and transpiration, cast in, sending lovely fragrance.

     no makeup and very beautiful TopTips

     If the BB cream emulsion concealer or colour retouching ability, is able to use the foundations, but makeup way to change, to makeup brush to the Foundation, you can control the amount, the most thin results.

     perfect skin, naked capital. Minus makeup, doesn't mean you can be lazy, in fact, is to work hard on your skin more. According to a SK-II survey found that there are more and more people will use two essences, you may, in accordance with your needs, choose a moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging or make the essence, put on two coats of essence and then went out, the skin multiply.

     When you omit all makeup may also ignore the eyebrow this little place. Makeup artist spring chess reminding dyed hair person, remember the eyebrow brush color, regardless of the makeup, eyebrows are echoes of their hair colour.

     makeup artist like "diluting" Foundation, is in the tune a little lotion or liquid Foundation, doing so will not only reduce the saturation of Foundation, you can increase the skin's luster.

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