Bridal makeup to create Oriental temperament codes
Most Chinese eyes is not deep enough, the curvature of the line extension and an upturned position to create a sense of charm, highlighting the effect of eye liner. To make a Chinese bride makeup look is softer, eyes China seems to have a different kind of sexy. Eyebrow to be as natural as possible, because enough eyeliner Alice, not upturned eyebrow paintings too well. As protagonist of the wedding, with shining lips to grab people's attention, color, be sure to choose China Red, painted over the entire lip, even if China also jumped on the bandwagon. The Chinese element, a taste of the Orient in the international fashion arena to road, wind is strong. Already accustomed to Western-style wedding dress beautiful bride and why the attempt to show the Chinese style? Chinese wedding in the beautiful bride will be able to demonstrate China's gentle and lasting appeal.

Although red is a symbol of Chinese people highlight the festive joy, Chinese bride cannot avoid, but too many red faces and bright and stylish Miss, purple is the most prominent red fashion colors, lit the bride happy appearance of important elements.  

lips: red light up the sweet tenderness of the bride, shall draw a rich full bodied enough lip makeup, can be used to outline the lip with the color of the lip line, then coated with a sense of swelling red lipstick.

eyes: in order to highlight the flaming lips bright eye makeup you can slightly weaken, a simple thick black eyeliner and mascara, you could sketch out one eye in the near future.

cheeks: sweep blush just a Pearly pale cheeks, to more gently echoes the intense bright red lip color. Pale soft light elegant Chinese-style beauty, gentle and mildly has been recognized the best impression amplification typical of this gentle soft pale colors, so natural for Chinese brides to pink to subtle rendering.

lips: soft light pink lip gloss natural, yet still moist and glossy, the best choice for pink lip gloss Pearlescent color, pure color elegance, and in line with fashion trends.

eyes: soft feelings without hard eyeliner to portray, diminish the clear liner paint, with warm brown eye shadow shading on the upper and lower eyelids, creating a gentle mist small smoked, it is shaping the tender eyes of nirvana.

cheeks: bright Pearlescent blush with brightening effect, can be a very good way of bride's soft, gentle style, to better highlight the overall tone of pink makeup, Foundation of description is also important, clears the water tender flawless skin is the best basement light bright makeup, so light and adequate water Foundation is best for.

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