Tips for newcomers

3 major details about the wedding invitation
1 send:

sent time is just right, not every wedding is too long, nor too close. In a posting to,  the most appropriate wedding 2-3 weeks. As a distant, can take days of mailing time, for 3 weeks before, sending nearly 2 weeks ago. Send invitations about 5-7 days,  ** call each other, confirm that you can attend. Can also be attached in the wedding invitation reply card, make sure the person can take the initiative to contact you or fax cards for you.

2  budget:

wedding invitation prices from a few to dozens of Yuan a piece, there are, but decimal afraid of the long term, so you should budget a sum of money and then count about a couple of wedding invitations, with the number of budget but would see choices about how much a wedding invitation.

3  how the expected number of wedding invitations?

first list to invite well, count the total number of sent Zhang XI, then add about 10%, just in case the budget error, send wrong or misspelled.

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