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Wedding photo albums and maintenance tips
&Nbsp;    wedding photo albums and photo frames are designed very beautifully, look how aesthetically appealing, pleasing. Years later, when you see it, and always brought back fond memories of sweet. Want to make beautiful moments forever retain, keep this good feeling, you must frame for maintenance on a regular basis. Wedding photo albums how to maintain it?

     most of the album is currently on the market is shaped glass album, glass the inside pages of the album material is white cardboard or PVC plastic. Cover is glass-like crystals or coarse particles of jade cover easy to scratch the surface of this album, so the album happened, attention away from sharp objects to prevent wear.

     to take home, we should avoid sun exposure should be avoided in moist places, if the box is placed where cool, wet, you can put some desiccant in a frame behind, or tobacco.

     when the frame when there is dust or dirt on the surface, simply wipe clean with a soft damp towel wring gently. If it is wood frame, so it is best not used wet BUPA to wipe in case of moisture into the wood box; if Crystal photo frames, sharpening should be wrapped in cotton cloth, so as not to scratch your finger.

     photo frames, if hung up and hanging need to consider the location, photo frame best not like Crystal size hung on the bed, just in case dropped, causing physical injury, can be placed on the left or on the wall opposite the wall. Bedside light paintings or oil paintings can be placed, or mascot. After you hang up, preferably at the bottom of the photo position in the nail two nails on the walls hold photos, photo is too heavy so as not to fall down.

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