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Groom's memorandum
    When you're busy for wedding day a variety of miscellaneous trivia, and you only pay attention to their dresses, you can't forgot groom dress details! If you want their wedding day to look handsome and charming, all you need to do a lot of preparatory work, after all, the wedding but life is top priority. Read editor ready for you now the groom "memorandum", so that you're sure wedding day!

     three months prior to the wedding preparations

     decision you and your groomsmen in your wedding day by wearing dresses, flowers and other wedding supplies. To look at the dress shop, or rent a suitable dress for yourself and bridesmaids.

     a month before her wedding preparations

     If your dress is to buy, be sure to check out are not all modifications are done, then check if it fits. If not, then use the time a month before her wedding to finish was enough.

     a week before the wedding preparations

     hair cut, manicure (don't want you to do extra beauty treatments nails, and just keep the nails clean and tidy, bought a new, sexy panties, make your brides on their wedding day surprise.

     wedding day preparations

     If the dress is rented, and go back to check. Identify your best man, your father and Angel of the ring are ready.

     dress all size correct? Such as jacket, pants, shirt, tie, shirt or emblem carried them, shoes, Cufflinks, and socks.

     If the wedding is outdoors, you must advance to "groom" the things packed. They include: hair products, antiperspirant gel, tie, brought the emblem or belt, vest, coat or jacket nails, shirt, cufflinks and the sleeves, watches, pants, t-shirts, underwear, socks, shoes. In the end, don't forget your wedding ring on it!

     morning of wedding day important

     • Please shave.

     • Please take a shower.

     • antiperspirant gel, antiperspirant lotions! Never forget! Day should do a lot of sweat yo!

     • don't forget where to put the wedding ring! Before the wedding will give it the most trusted person, and before the upcoming ceremony put it in your shirt pocket.

     • If possible, can you please your dear mother dresses brooch in your breast pocket. At that special moment, the mother of little intimate thing to do will look warm and wonderful!

     • last time please take a deep breath, then to the front of the mirror to check, is about to marry the lovely bride prepare for the last, Oh, don't forget to smile naturally, happiness.

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