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Weddings are big, then we go to see what should be done before the wedding!


1.   The bride before the wedding should be at least a week doing the right skin care care and maintenance, of course, the beauty of these is better for professional bodies

2. Should purchase some brightly colored fruit the day before the wedding, when placed on the coffee table.  

3. Recommendation number bridesmaids carry a band-aid, wedding day because people wear new shoes, and takes a long time to stand, walk, heel easy grinding of raw, band aid can be effective in reducing pain.  

4. The bride and groom and their parents wedding day must eat well, eat for breakfast.  

5. Prepare some red dates, peanuts, longan, Lotus seeds, sprinkled on the marital bed. Moral: "early birth".  

6. Preparing camera car, asked the driver better driving road map must be prepared.  

7. Preparation table, friend to present a convenient seat.  

8. The bride, bridesmaid, her parents brooch to be recommended by the groom to the bride's House,  carry pins, just in case.

9. Red envelope, rings and marriage certificates are to be handed over to the person for safe keeping.

10. Best car you can walk around in advance, in order to finalize the time.

11. Candidates for determining the Minister, witnesses, speech, speech should be short.

12. Develop a staff directory, for easy contact.  

13. Decorating is due to the wedding day, but security doors, cell doors, area in front of the word in the morning against

14. Community where the two parked vehicles to prevent blocking team in the day, looking for property management companies and community security communication well in advance.  

15.   If the weather is hot, sweaty, groomsmen bridesmaids should take some tissue paper and set aside.  

16. When developing routes and departure times to be adjusted according to the actual situation.  

17. Asked whether the hotels offer replacement and storage rooms, the hotel supplies shall appoint someone to look after.  

18. Hotels use of cigarettes, alcohol, peanuts, seeds, candy, should be assigned to the hotel, and hotel staff put in place.

19. Wedding did not start not cold dishes, because at the beginning of the wedding to dozen spray flowers, petals, easily contaminated dishes, cold dishes is not conducive to guest focused on the ceremony.  

20. Guest arrival time may be relatively concentrated, so attendance should be at least 2 or more, lest guests flock, gathered at the reception table, hectic privatization will appear.  

21. More like table, toasting to try to speed up, favorite couple should arrange the table in the final toast to maximize savings.  

22. Newlywed's wedding day, regardless of what situation are not, do not worry, call manager, supervisor or staff of wedding coordination to solve

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