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How to find your wedding theme
&Nbsp;    in determining the wedding theme, new content according to weddings and wedding. Based on form, can be the first consideration was held

Western-style wedding and plan to wed in what place, there is a church, indoor or outdoor and integrated their favorite color

color and condition of the site selected wedding color according to content, from an emotional point of view. Maybe you grew up dreaming of becoming a fairy tale world

the beautiful bride, the fairy tale wedding theme can help you achieve your dream. Or you can extract an element from your story as a wedding

themes, stories for the necessary dynamic, such as walking, he will always take you by the hand and let you go on his right hand side to protect you under

these mundane details can be a kind of "love is everywhere" theme to planning the wedding. So, first think of your anticipated wedding

communicate with the wedding planner, I believe will be able to find your wedding theme.

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