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Wedding reception of pragmatism
&Nbsp;     fine although the details need to be fine to, but has no room for such a fine mood, walking into a home, you will see fine, cabinet furniture is fine, the bottles in the bathroom is fine, the underwear drawer is fine, fine, give people the feeling that is not fine, but sloppy. So did the bride, and can not be completely incorporated to the nanny or older, storage is your ability as a woman reflects and your grade represented. Select a nice storage box, using the method of storage, crushing immediately becomes delicate.  


equations in the Foyer

     for women, shoes and clothing, are never too many things. Foyer with an embedded from high to the top of the wall cabinets as shoe storage cabinet is absolutely needed, such a high Cabinet is ventilated, without undermining the integrity of walls, storage of shoes, umbrellas and other debris is also very convenient.

formula: X+Y+Z=1

1,   cabinets need to be split into three areas, one is the storage of shoes, one is stored (this is to split the dry and wet), another is to store other items, such as expired press (collected so that the door can you not when Porter)

2,   buys shoes shoe boxes don't throw it away, because there is a shoe box, a space can overlay two pairs of shoes, size be put to very good use.

bedroom combined similar items

     If your bedroom isn't big enough to have a separate cloakroom, storage for small things that you must know, or closet door opens into the Amazon jungle, and opened the drawer and like 007 battles that can greatly affect your image. Most troublesome is the underwear, socks and these small things. Fold the sock, but you cannot stack; underwear should not be folded, and cannot be, or folded out of shape to put on fried eggs could have been, or magnificent, also reflected in a section of the wave, are not limited. In other countries, IKEA service is designed specifically for students and low-income families, so in terms of incorporating special very thoughtful of them. Go to IKEA and see, way back to something your storage problem is completely contracted out to IKEA.

similar terms: gender   size

1,   men mainly dominated by suits and shirts, don't like MS have a lot of dresses, so space segmentation for the Lady, segmentation of small men.

2,   clothes hanging not folded, hanging clothes stiff would not display.

3,   underwear can choose IKEA Storage bag, long-barrel round cakes and long square, inside selection color hanging wardrobes, unrestrained choose showy hanging bed, organizer of his home advantage can easily adjust the length, placed inside a wardrobe fitting.

4,   and eyes parallel to put the most commonly used objects, such as wearing socks, underwear, scarves, ties, need to tiptoe stool can be placed against the small objects, such as summer and winter scarves, thick socks, winter summer swimsuit, stockings.

5,   have a variety of storage boxes from IKEA, beautiful girls love flowers, you can put all kinds of accessories. Remember, every kind of accessories the best small bags into storage boxes. Your necklace and you don't want them in your emergency use is just like you and her husband making love? Remember that Carrefour sealed little bag can give you a hand. Conditions can be a small closet, similar to the medicine cabinet, make each piece of jewelry has its own little house.

the permutation and combination of toilet

     modern bathroom design into wet and dry separation, so the bathroom is often the bottles and meeting place, girls are relying on these jars to build beautiful. You're not a BA or Lancome monopoly, let so many bottles and a slip line, up trouble, looks bad, that would have to rearrange the portfolio.

permutations and combinations: from high to low   separately

1,   all categories moved to skin care and cosmetic products in the box in the bedroom, leaving only hair care and bath products in the bathroom. This ensures skin care cosmetics shelf life.

2,   bathroom just washed hair and bath products, preferably no more than three. Pot space for hair care products in accordance with the height of the bottle, from high to low or low to high on both sides in the Middle order, more artistic?

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