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Generation personality wedding tips
1, design a LOGO for the wedding. Do an overall image for your wedding design, including color, tone and overall style, most importantly don't forget to design a LOGO as a mark of your wedding, printed on your invitations, photo albums and on the attendance register.

2. share your story: tell your love story wedding facilitator at the ceremony or making a story-book special invitations.

3. making CD recordings: of both the bride and groom and family and the groomsmen bridesmaids to make a special wedding song CD commemorating this unforgettable day.

4, the whole wedding was full of pictures and names of the couple. With both names as much as possible during the wedding process. For example: put your name on the menu, or changing his name and photographs projected on the wall, of course, you can also write on each layer of the cake to your name and photo, you can even get your name embroidered on dress.

5. try to use words instead of numbers to name the table: If you travel a lot, you can use your preferred city name, for example: please go to the table to be seated in Paris; or with flowers for the table name, for example, the parents sit at the main table name "Carnation", meaning affection and warmth.

6, on the place card idea: try bright colors of fruits or vegetables to spell out names of guests, or you can use your photos with guests have a special seating cards, if at the beach, shell seating card can also be used.

7. flower ring up: make a ball of flowers as the ring up, placed inside the petal ring, meaning your romantic beautiful for ever and ever.

8, creating a mascot.

9, display a special arch.

10, parade through the strange procession.

11, special keepsake.

12, invite a special guest wishes.

13, the special message prompt.

admission is 14, accompanied by Bell.

15, channel covered sprinkle two pets: small dog is your single partner, you also want him to share your happiness, then he put on a white gardenia wreath, holding him out now!  

16. distant relatives and friends involved in your wedding: distant friend can't come to your wedding, you can ask them to bless you filmed videos sent to you, to play at the wedding.

17, play your favorite music, as a theme song.

share of 18, holding flowers.

19, showing the artistic genius.

20, topic clear proposition for their wedding.

21. for married life advice: might as well set a delicate little flower basket at the party, ready to pen and paper, and let guests write about marriage proposals, posting them after the wedding in a book, as a reference for your married life.

22. with life and color to red carpet: carpet to a ceremony full of yellow leaves when when you walk over them, it feels like walking on the road covered with yellow leaves in autumn.  

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