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Bridal skin relief
Beautiful bride getting ready for their wedding photos, they should pay attention to maintenance of skin, than "time-sharing" maintenance concepts before selecting a makeup skin care products, but we should also be based on different skin conditions, using different moisturizing products, find what works best for their skin care line. Most of the girls ' skin can be divided into: normal skin, oily skin, combination skin, dry skin, whatever as to how to judge their own skin,

normal skin: skin water balance oil secretion, smooth skin, not much skin problems.

dry skin: cheeks appear freckles, prone to local   pigmentation. If often associated with accidental removal of   skin, allergies, that is for extremely dry skin.

oily skin: shining from time to time, pores look large, prone to acne.

mixed skin: t-zone oil easily cheeks long spot.

after you know your skin, please master the principles of select makeup moisturizer: more and more dry skin needs fats in order to lock in moisture the skin table, so it is best to choose products with high fat content, while oily skin because it is owned by "emollient", in order to avoid oil makeup, you can select the low fat content of moisturizer.

here's what I for different skin types, response makeup before moisturizing strategy:

normal skin: moisturizing lotion for use directly by hand   skin table (Pat action firming effect), must beat to the make-up water until completely absorbed, a lot of people just put lotion on his face in Office the evaporation, the skin becomes dry  .   And some contain trace amounts of oil moisturizing essence from the slide from the bottom up in the middle of the face, massaging and slide until the product is completely absorbed by the skin (I'm lazy trick is, before sliding again, then accelerate the skin absorption).

dry skin: moisturizing lotion as "leading car maintenance" skin "warming spleen and Starter", using water to soften dry cuticles, making it easier for essence products are absorbed. Then select a slightly higher fat content of Aqua slide on your face and massage until the product is absorbed by the skin. When peeling occurs can be more topical serum, and then wet the cotton into local emergency mask, wait three minutes later off a cotton, using the Palms opened the peeling cream and then pressing.

oily skin: skin oil man can be moisturizing lotion for skin whitening lotion, gently wipe with cotton face, then Pat until water is completely absorbed.   Outside of moisturizing, whitening lotion, usually containing low concentration of acids, metabolism slightly old dead skin cells.   For easy stacking horny for oily skin, this can make the skin look brighter. Finally use Aqua (if the skin oil really so serious it optional Oil free  product) sliding, massage until the product is completely absorbed.

mixed skin: first to open skin-moisturizing lotion games   lost channel, then use the same method using Aqua, then more than oily skin maintenance procedures, to preheat the emulsion in the Palm open, then with palms pressed on both cheeks (easily showed that the t-zone is no longer enhanced).

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