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Wedding gloves mix
Couple on their wedding day on how to get their hands on without wedding ring is also a highly publicized before now? You can only select a bright gloves to improve.

method 1, bow satin fingerless gloves + heart-shaped wedding ring

bows brings sweet feeling, fingerless gloves, fingers can visually look slim. Heart or flower rings are paired with bow gloves harmony.

satin gloves the same mix of thick satin or silk wedding dress, simple a-wedding dress is a good choice.

method 2: embroidery beaded gloves + square ring

this long gloves suitable for finger, slender Rookie, beading and embroidery gives superb feeling.

glove style complex rings can not be selected the same sophisticated style, otherwise it will look too wordy. Consider selecting a diamond with edges or neutral, should be able to achieve good results.     

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